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Liberty Hill, TX

What impact has NVDM Coaching had on you?

NVDM Coaching has given me more than a structured training plan. It is a community of like-minded athletes. NVDM has allowed me to be a part of a team in what would otherwise be an individual sport.

What is your favorite discipline? And why?

I love the run! I am still learning to push my limits with the run, but being able to push at the end of the race energizes me. I love knowing there’s a possibility of catching someone on the run who passed me on the bike.

What is your favorite workout?

I love BRICK workouts! If you give me the option to swim/run or bike/run, I’m one happy camper!

What is one piece of training advice that you would share with others?

Figure out your WHY for racing. What drives you to push harder when you are in the trenches? I know that a race will hurt at some point, and remembering my why helps me get to the finish line!

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