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Windsor, Ontario

What impact has NVDM Coaching had on you?

NVDM has allowed me to pursue triathlon full-time and has allowed me to achieve my goals of inspiring others and reaching my peak athletic potential.

What is your favorite discipline? And why?

My favorite discipline is the bike. I first got into the sport because I was drawn to cycling and was greatly influenced by my Nonno and Zio, who cycled in the two generations before me.

What is your favorite workout?

My favorite workout is a long endurance bike ride with some threshold efforts sprinkled in.

What is one piece of training advice that you would share with others?

If you want to achieve something, you need to be proactive in your pursuit. This is why I started working with NVDM. What I was doing at the time did not give me the best chance to achieve my goals, and I knew I had to seek out an opportunity and a team that would support me along the way and extract my full potential.

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