Dan Boneham

Leeds, UK

With a background in football and powerlifting and little to no experience swimming or cycling, I had only run a half marathon once before I turned to Natasha and NVDM coaching with the hope to build towards competing in Ironman Portugal.

From the first call with Natasha, she got it you can tell she has a passion for the sport and more importantly the passion and ability to share her knowledge with people and understand their own journey’s.

Natasha introduced me to Mike Cross who straight away understood the challenges of someone who is heavier and not built like your traditional endurance athlete. He has worked with me to within 12 weeks running my first marathon in a faster time than I could ever imagined and on to Ironman prep where I am already in such a better position than I could ever have imagined being in such a short space of time.

Mike is always on hand for support and to assist when I’ve got even the smallest of queries as well as being my biggest cheerleader when we smash through PRs.

As a UK athlete I’ve loved seeing and supporting the wider NVDM community and look forward to the team of UK athletes growing in the future.