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Allison Trucillo

Austin, TX

Training with Natasha and her team has been a one-of-a-kind experience, challenge, and honor! Having just started the sport of triathlon in 2019 and competing in a number of races that year, I wanted to see if I could take it to the next level with proper coaching. Natasha sat down with me to get a baseline of where I am…physically, mentally, and in my personal life juggling work and a toddler. She’s provided me with structured workouts that are tailored to me and my capabilities with thorough instructions on the focus and targets for each workout. Her daily feedback has been incredibly helpful along with her responsiveness to all my questions. The group workouts with Natasha and her team are a wonderful opportunity to get live coaching and individual feedback. Weekly Zoom calls provide a forum to learn more about training, race strategy, the science behind the sport, and advice from guest athletes. Just from the short time I’ve been training with Natasha, I've learned so much about myself and have already seen improvements in each sport of triathlon. She recognizes my potential and pushes me exactly how hard I need to be pushed. More importantly, she believes in you even when you may not realize what you're capable of. I can't wait to see where this incredible journey will take me!

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