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Amy Scarborough

Austin, TX

I have been following Natasha since she first started her triathlon career. As an entrepreneur I tend to surround myself with people who truly inspire and tell you how it is. She was the first one to push me to go full time and start my photography company.

Her coaching style, her relationships with her athletes and her perseverance for the sport itself goes above and beyond. I have told her my goals and she has been realistic with me on the effort and time I need to put in to achieve those.

She doesn't hold back and she gives 110% in everything she does. From being a mom, wife, athlete, coach and friend she is inspirational. The gains I have achieved from having her coach me has been tremendous and I am excited for the future because she holds me accountable.

*I would also like to state I once beat Natasha out of the swim at a Splash n Dash.

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