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Bob Mock

Waco, TX

Natasha has been a lifesaver…literally! Prior to working with Natasha, I had participated in a few other races including 2 half Ironman races, 100 mi bike rides and half marathons. My ultimate goal was to complete a full Ironman Race. Having trained independently, I was hesitant to spend the money for a trainer. Until a friend (nearly half my age) expressed concerns about my ability to complete the full race in November that we had signed up for together.

Needless to say, this lit a fire for me. I hired Natasha shortly after. She set me up with a plan tailored to me, which keeps me from injuring myself while also getting stronger with every workout. It was amazing how fast I saw improvements in my fitness level. So much so that in 3 short months, my bike speed improved from 18mph to 20mph. Even living in different cities hasn’t impacted my training. Natasha stays in constant contact with almost daily feedback.

The biggest impact from training with Natasha was that it saved my life! I was ready to compete in IMAZ in November 2019. I was feeling stronger and more confident and ready to tackle this goal. Two weeks before the race I was diagnosed with an Aortic Aneurysm and needed surgery rather quickly. I had Open Heart surgery on December 5, 2019. Due to the hard work and training I had already been doing with Natasha, my doctor told me because I was in such great shape my total recovery time would me much shorter than most people my age. Less than 90 days after surgery, Natasha started helping me with my recovery. Now 7 months post-op, I am back on track and scheduled to complete IMAZ 2020 less than 365 days after Open Heart surgery. Thank you, Natasha, for helping and pushing me to get better!

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