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Ethan Batraski

Portola Valley, CA

Training with Natasha has been game changing and I couldn't imagine being without her and the NVDM team. Natasha takes a technical and data driven approach to training, programming, and recovery that optimizes volume and intensity specific to how I am performing and adapting. We train race specific, building up, tailoring, and tapering to each race. I've hit new PRs I never thought I'd be able to achieve. All of my data from cadence and power consistency, VO2 max, HR drift, power, pace, negative splits have improved more in the last 4 months than they have in the last 2 years. She keeps me accountable, reminds and helps me celebrate the little wins, while keeping me in check on where I need to continue to focus. The NVDM community is an incredible group of dedicated and inspiring athletes that lift you up and are ready to help on a moments notice. Proud to be an NVDM athlete.

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