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Jacob Glover

Dallas, TX

I've been working with Natasha since the beginning of 2020 and she always finds a way to adjust my training to my needs and to make sure that I stay focused and accountable to myself and the training. I completed by first 70.3 in Waco, TX in 2019 with a time that was just short of the cutoff. I realized then that I needed a more structured plan for training that I just wasn't able to do myself.I had met Natasha at the Waco Bicycle World training camp for the same 70.3 and felt comfortable with her style of coaching and experience. I've always been an athlete and relatively fit but the endurance events in the Ironman just wasn't something that I was used to. I see improvement in my training everyday now and I cannot wait to test my fitness at my next 70.3. With Natasha's help I hope to complete my next 70.3 under the cut off time and eventually complete a full Ironman.

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