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Mark Clee

Odessa, TX

I’ve been with Harold almost since my entry into the sport. We worked together off and on from 2009-2015 and then from 2015 onward. He has seen my highs and lows in the sport.

He knows more about triathlon than anyone I know. He tries to answer ALL my questions (and anyone that knows me knows I ask a lot)! He will tell me when he doesn’t know and will try to find the answer.

His plans are well thought out and the more I learn about the sport, the more I realize there is always a reason for how he does things. He started Brains and Brawn Strength coaching a couple years ago and it has also been a game-changer for me. I love the garage strength program. I also appreciate his ability to find a way. He doesn’t believe there are things that should limit strength training; he believes they are only roadblocks that can be overcome.

I will always say he is the best in the business and full-heartedly recommend that anyone interested in improving in the sport should work with him.

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