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Sammy Blackman

Houston, TX

"NVDM Coaching is something special that I have never come across in my years as an athlete. First and foremost, the results tell the story. For me alone, since being a part of this NVDM team, I have seen enormous PR's. My 5k has dropped almost 3 total minutes. My marathon time went from being a 3:40 to a 3:19. My second half ironman and first one with the team was an hour and thirty minute PR going from a 6:36:00 to a 5:11:00. Those results alone attest to how amazing Natasha and her coaches are. But, there is more. It is the community aspect. In a sport that is an individualistic sport, Natasha and her team have found a way to make it into a team sport. I played baseball for almost 16 years of my life. Never have I been on a more tight knit and welcoming team than NVDM. Natasha, her coaches, and all the other NVDM athletes have a special place in my life and I am so glad to have made the decision to join Team NVDM."

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