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Steve Prata

Austin, TX

From my start in the sport of triathlon in 2014 through April 2019, my training was driven by online plans and knowledge sharing between friends. As the years progressed, my race times/results did not and I felt as though I’d plateaued or in some cases regressed.

Enter Natasha...At the recommendation of a friend (who is a top age group performer in Ironman) I reached out and met with Natasha to discuss my prior training, current goals, lifestyle, schedule...everything. I left our first meeting excited about working with a coach who not only loves the sport but loves helping others achieve their goals, taking the time to understand what each of her athletes needs and when. Her philosophy and approach has reignited my passion for racing and, more importantly, training. After 2 months of working with Natasha I completed a 70.3 feeling better than ever before and I’m gearing up for my first Ironman this year feeling confident due to Natasha’s guidance and structured/personalized program. Proud to be on team NVDM!

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