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Tony Cornish

Los Alamos, Ca

The coaching from Natasha at NVDM has exceeded my expectations. Her communication is super responsive and you can tell she has a genuine interest in making you better.

When I came to Natasha I had hit a plateau in my swim, run, and bike times, and training was no longer enjoyable. Just in the past 7 weeks working with Natasha, not only has my run pace seeing a significant improvement, my swim times and FTP improved by 20-25%.

The best part about the NVDM program is it's truly customized to your needs and onboarding is effortless. All of the daily sessions are laid out in Training Peaks and bike sessions are seamlessly integrated with Zwift. Although the training sessions push you to the limit of your abilities, training sessions are fun again and if you stick to the plan, you'll see results fast! An unexpected perk to her program was a weekly strength training plan that is delivered conveniently via a 3rd party app. All training comes with videos and instructions.

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