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Client Testimonial: Bobby Dautrich on Triathlon Coaching with NVDM

Bobby Dautrich is the owner of Axe & Sledge Supplements, All American Roughneck Apparel, and JST WRK Energy. He started his journey as a triathlete to aid his weight loss journey, but with the right amount of work, he realized he could be good at this sport. He is currently aiming to podium in his age group, qualify for Kona, and achieve elite team status in NVDM.

In this blog post, we'll hear Bobby's thoughts on his training routine, balancing personal and professional life, fueling, staying motivated during long training sessions, and more. Bobby also shares his experience with NVDM Coaching, the coaching program he attributes to his progress in triathlon.

Training Routine

Bobby's training routine is hectic because of his busy schedule as a business owner. He mainly trains early in the morning or late in the evening to make sure his workday is not affected. Despite his busy schedule, he commits to showing up for every training session, knowing that it pays off on race day.

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Bobby admits that balancing his personal life with his business and triathlon can be challenging. He is passionate about his work and competing at a high level in triathlon, which often means making personal life sacrifices. However, he is lucky to have a wife and close friends who also compete in triathlons, making it a win-win situation.

Fueling and Staying out of His Head

Bobby's two biggest challenges in triathlon are fueling and staying out of his head. As a bigger guy, he needs a lot of calories to keep him going and has a high fluid and sodium loss rate. He has to test his nutrition in training and get feedback from his coaches to make fueling less of a challenge in each race.

Staying out of his head is also a challenge because he is an overthinker. To perform better, he tries to focus on his race and hitting his marks instead of thinking about his finish time.

Motivation and Favourite Part of Triathlon

Bobby stays motivated during long training sessions by keeping his eye on the prize - the dividends it pays off on race day. He's also a big picture guy and believes that anyone can do anything if they put in the work.

His favourite part of triathlon is race day because he loves competing and seeing where he stacks up with some of the best in the world.

Advice for Newbies

For someone considering getting into triathlon, Bobby advises starting small. Coming from no prior background in run, bike or swim, it can be overwhelming. But with some unstructured training with a small group or a good friend, you can get hooked on the sport.

Preparing for Races

Bobby prepares for a race mentally by removing everything from his mindset but his targeted goals for the race. He stays focused on his routine up until race morning and remembers his reasons why.

NVDM Coaching Experience

Bobby's experience with NVDM Coaching has completely changed his life. The coaching, the friendships, the community, and the support is something he has never been a part of before. He's seen progress in every race he's entered because of the level of coaching that has helped him find the right balance of easy work, race pace work, fueling, and recovery.

NVDM Coaching Tailors Training to Specific Goals and Needs

NVDM Coaching tailors Bobby's training plan to his specific goals and needs as an athlete. In the beginning, Bobby thought doing more, faster paces, and more sessions was what it took to get to the next level. But NVDM Coaching has scaled his training according to his fitness level and overall race experience. This has allowed him to stay injury free.

Bobby said, “The energy is next level and helps take the focus off the individual, and onto the team as a whole. Even if you're racing alone, you feel like you have a whole squad behind you. Plus, seeing your teammates out on the course cheering you on is a huge boost!”

How has being a part of the NVDM team impacted your overall triathlon experience?

Being a part of the NVDM team has been life-changing for me. Not only have I improved as an athlete, but I have gained lifelong friendships and a support system that I never could have imagined. The sense of community is unlike anything else I have experienced in my life.

In conclusion, Bobby Dautrich's journey in triathlon is an inspiring story of how hard work and dedication can lead to success. From using triathlon as a means to lose weight, to becoming a competitive triathlete, Bobby has faced and overcome challenges to achieve his goals. His training routine may be hectic due to his busy schedule as a business owner, but he prioritizes his training to ensure he can compete at a high level.

Bobby's love for the sport and the competition is evident, and he credits his success to his ability to stay motivated during long training sessions and his commitment to being consistent. He loves race day, where he can put all of his hard work to the test and see where he stacks up against the best in the world.

Bobby also speaks highly of his experience with NVDM Coaching, which has been instrumental in his success. The personalized training plans tailored to his goals and needs have helped him progress in the sport and avoid injury. He is also grateful for the sense of community and support that he has gained from being a part of the NVDM team.

For anyone considering getting into triathlon, Bobby recommends starting small and finding a supportive community to train with. He encourages anyone to pursue their goals and reminds us that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve anything.


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