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Weekly Training Sessions

At NVDM Coaching, we provide a mix of both in-person training sessions as well as virtual team training opportunities. We currently conduct in-person training sessions in Austin and Waco but are continuously growing across the country. We also utilize various partners like ZWIFT to conduct virtual team training sessions.


NVDM Coaching athletes get notified of the weekly training schedule via email, our private Facebook group, and our private slack workspace. Our online training partner, Training Peaks is also utilized to update athletes on times and various venues. ​There is an NVDM Coach at most in-person group sessions. Below is a sample of what the weekly team training schedule looks like.

Weekly Group schedule


Group Swim

6:30 & 7:30am

Lifetime South Austin*


Virtual Ride

6:30am CST

NVDM Coaching Zwift Virtual Club


Track Workout
Group Swim


Austin High School

Lake Highlands High
Lifetime South Austin*


Virtual Ride

6:30am CST

NVDM Coaching Zwift Virtual Club**


Group Swim

6:30 & 7:30am

Lifetime South Austin*


Virtual Ride & 
Austin Group Ride


NVDM Coaching Zwift Virtual Club** & TBD Locations In Austin


Austin Long Run

Waco Track Run


Austin High School

Rice Field Waco

Lake Highlands High Dallas

*If you would like to join the Austin Group swim at Lifetime South, you will need to be a Lifetime Fitness member as well as pay the additional $40 fee for access to the master's swims.

**We conduct weekly zwift workouts, races, time trials, etc. Access to these requires an active zwift subscription as well as an invite to the NVDM Coaching Zwift Virtual Club.

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