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Team Races

NVDM Team Races

At NVDM Coaching, we believe in pushing limits, embracing challenges, and celebrating community. Our team races are designed to offer all three, providing both novice and seasoned athletes an opportunity to achieve their endurance goals in a supportive, team-oriented environment.

What is a team race?

Our team races are about more than just competition; they're an opportunity for fun, camaraderie, and shared achievement by providing an enriching experience that blends individual goals with team dynamics, offering both challenge and support in equal measure.


If you're planning your race calendar, we encourage you to consider the unique experience of a team race. It's a wonderful way to align your personal athletic goals with a spirited, supportive community.


What does a team race entail?

  1. Community: An opportunity for many of us, coming in from all over the world, to meet and do the same race together. FUN! 

  2. Comprehensive Support: Multiple coaches and teammates will guide and support you before, during, and after the race.

  3. Training Together: Whether you train with local teammates or connect online, team races provide a shared goal to work towards.

  4. Community Living: For those interested, connect via our Facebook group or on Slack to rent houses together, making race weekends a communal living experience.

  5. Pre-Race Coach Workouts: Participate in pre-race shake-out workouts, planned and led by our coaches to get you race-ready.

  6. Team Dinners: Enjoy a sponsored pre-race dinner with your teammates, an excellent opportunity for bonding and carb-loading!

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Connect Beyond the Race

Not racing? Is your race not currently listed on the team race schedule? We will still connect you with NVDM athletes at various events through our emails and Facebook group, and Slack channels for meals and workouts, ensuring NVDM's presence at nearly every race on the Ironman schedule.


2024 team races

Ready To Get Started

Check out our Coaching Plans page to see what Enhanced Training Plans we currently have available and what races we will be developing enhanced training plans for in the future.

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