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NVDM Team Races

Your Fully Supported Race Day Experience


What is an NVDM Coaching Team Race?

An NVDM Coaching Team Race is a fully supported designated team event where multiple NVDM Coaches will be present to support athletes before and specifically on race day. At NVDM Coaching we love the community and team aspect that events provide. 


Why Sign Up For A Team Race?

You get a fully supported race experience. The NVDM presence at our designated team races is there to help you in a number of ways prior to the race and during the race.

Hosted Meals

NVDM Coaching will coordinate pre & post-meals for athletes to join and fellowship prior to race day and celebrate post-race.

Pre Race

NVDM Coaches will be in town prior to race day to help support athletes in a number of ways including, shakeout workouts, gear checks, etc.

Race Day

NVDM Coaches will be on course to provide support during the race. Support ranges from general encouragement, time checks, ranking updates, etc. 

Additional benefits

Initial Zoom Call

This 30 min call is for NVDM Coaching to learn more about you and your goals, help determine the correct training plan for you, give you a brief overview of the program, answer any additional questions you may have

Weekly Group Zoom Call

NVDM  Coach will hold a Virtual Call every Sunday night at 6:30 pm CST after our NVDM Coaching Team call to discuss the training week ahead and be available to answer any questions.

Access To Additional Zoom Calls

If you want to set up additional calls (additional price) with an NVDM Coach, you will have the ability to do this at an additional cost. This is a benefit we do not offer to the general public and is exclusively being offered to those who join our Enhanced Training Plans.

Weekly NVDM Coaching Team Zoom Call

During the 12-week training plan, you will have access to the weekly NVDM Team Zoom call where Head coach and CEO, Natasha Van Der Merwe, and other NVDM Assistant coaches cover various topics and answer general questions provided by athletes throughout the week and in the call chat.

In-person training sessions with NVDM Coaches (Austin & Waco Only)

During the 12-week training plan, you will have access to various in-person group training sessions including group track workouts, group bike rides, and group open water swims. NVDM Coaches will be on hand to provide feedback and coaching to all athletes at these group sessions.

Access to NVDM Coaching Private Facebook Group

Our NVDM Coaching Private Facebook group is a fantastic resource for educational content while also being a great place to connect with other athletes.

Access to NVDM Coaching Private Slack Workspace

The NVDM Coaching Slack Workspace is a great way to connect with fellow athletes and coaches. It is a searchable database where athletes can look for previous conversations about a number of topics and if there has not been a conversation about your specific question, athletes have the ability to ask the group. Channels include (#bike, #education, #gear-sell, #general, #nutriton-recovery, #run, #sponsors-discounts, #swim, #waco-training, #zwift-riders, and others)

NVDM Coaching Sponsor Discounts

You will get access to all the NVDM Coaching Sponsor discount codes to companies including Bicycle World, Waco Running Company, Bare Performance Nutrition, InsideTracker, Levelen, All American Roughneck, and more. 

Discount on 1on1 Coaching

For the week after your training plan has concluded, athletes can decide to upgrade to 1on1 Coaching at 10% off for the next 3 months. After that, the athlete can continue at the full 1on1 Coaching rate.

Ready To Sign Up

Check out our current schedule of NVDM Designated Team races to see if they work for you and your racing calendar.

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