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Coaching Plans

A Training Plan custom built for you

Why Choose One-on-one coaching

At NVDM Coaching, our personalized coaching services are designed to help athletes of all levels achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Our experienced coaches will work closely with you to develop a customized training plan that considers your individual needs, goals, and abilities. We have coaching plans for all types of endurance athletes, including short-course triathletes, long-course triathletes, runners, ultra marathons, cyclists, swimmers, obstacle course racing such as Tough Mudders, etc.

Our coaching programs include:

  • A personalized Training Plan: Our coaches will work with you to develop a training plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced triathlete, we will create a plan that challenges you while also being sustainable and enjoyable.

  • Video Analysis: We use video analysis to help you improve your swim, bike, and run form. Our coaches will analyze your technique and provide feedback on how to optimize your form for maximum efficiency and performance.

  • Regular Check-Ins: Our coaches will stay in touch with you throughout your training to provide guidance, feedback, and motivation. We believe that communication is key to success, and we are committed to being available and responsive to our athletes.

  • Race Planning and Strategy: We will help you plan and strategize for your upcoming races, taking into account factors such as course terrain, weather, and your own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Injury Prevention and Management: We prioritize injury prevention and management, and our coaches will work with you to identify any potential risk factors and develop a plan to avoid injuries. If you do experience an injury, we will work with you to develop a plan for recovery and return to training.


Life is dynamic, so your training should be too

Your life is ever-changing. At NVDM Coaching, we understand this and build your training around your life while always endlessly pursuing your goals and performance. We give you the tools you need when you need them to create longevity in and around sports and your life.

Plan Benefits

  • Introductory Zoom Call with Coach

  • Premium Training Peaks Account

  • Season Planning

  • Goal Setting

  • Fitness Assessments

  • Consistent Monitoring & Feedback

  • Form Assessments As Needed

  • Unlimited adjustments to plan as needed

  • Nutrition guidance for training & race day

  • General nutrition guidance

  • Detailed race day plans

  • Detailed post-race analysis

  • Unlimited email & text support

  • Additional calls as needed

  • Sponsor discounts

  • Train Heroic Strength Training App Access (Plan Dependent)

  • Weekly Team Zoom Calls

  • Group workout options in Austin, Waco, & Dallas

  • In-person strength assessments (Austin & Waco area only)

  • Access to private Facebook & team Slack workspace

elite Coaching Plans

Head Coach & Founder

1:1 Coach Natasha



Every month

Work 1:1 With Natasha Van Der Merwe

Natasha PP

1:1 Coach Chris



Every month

Work 1:1 With Chris Lieto

Chris PP

1:1 Triathlon Coaching Plans

  • 1:1 with Coach Harold

    Every month
    Work 1:1 With Coach Harold
  • 1:1 Senior Coach

    Every month
    Work 1:1 with Senior Level NVDM Assistant Coach
  • 1:1 Coaching

    Every month
    A 1:1 coached experience with a NVDM Assistant Coach

Other Coaching Plans

  • One Sport Only Plan

    Every month
    NVDM Coaching Experience Focused on a Single Sport
  • One Sport + Strength

    Every month
    NVDM Coaching Experience Focused on single sport & Strength
  • Run Coaching With Coach Charlie

    Every month
    Work with 1:1 with Coach Charlie as a run only athlete
  • Two Sport and Strength plan

    Every month
    Choose 2 sports to work with a NVDM Assistant Coach
  • 1:1 Ultra Marathon Coaching

    Every month
    Work 1:1 with NVDM Assistant Coach Specializing in Ultra Marathon's
  • 1:1 Hyrox or Obstacle Course Coaching

    Every month
    Work 1:1 with NVDM Assistant Coach Specializing in OCR Races

Mindset and Performance Consultation

Mindset and Performace Consult

Want to dive deeper? Get a one-on-one consulting service if you're looking for some detailed advice or guidance; Chris is a highly experienced coach in many areas with a specific focus on performance, mindset, biomechanics, health, and training, including helping people navigate challenges, life passion, goals, and vision for the future. 


Are you interested in one-on-one sessions with Chris for a deep-dive performance and mindset program or a full day of immersive training in person? Perhaps you're considering ongoing life coaching? Reach out to discuss custom pricing tailored to your needs.


* Custom pricing for larger time blocks and in-person

* If you are a current NVDM member, you will receive a discounted price. 

60 Min Virtual Consultation

Mindset and Performance Consult



*Discounts Available For Current NVDM Athletes

1:1 Swim Video Analysis



Submit your Swim video for live review over a Zoom Call with NVDM Swim Coach

Swim Analysis

DISCOVER THE NVDM coaches - find your Perfect fit



1:1 Coach Natasha


Coach Chris

1:1 Coach Chris

nvdm alpine (16 of 31).jpg


1:1 Coach harold



1:1 Senior Coach

Natasha Coaching Brandon.jpg

Assistant coaches



Want to work 1:1 with NVDM Coaching? NEED MORE INFO?

Inquire now

NVDM COACHING is an all-inclusive 1:1 endurance coaching company that fosters a collaborative, supportive environment where athletes can achieve their full potential through personalized training plans.


Our approach integrates physical fitness with mental strength and strategic recovery, emphasizing regular communication, feedback, and data-driven adjustments to ensure continuous improvement.


We cater to endurance athletes at all levels, offering detailed, tailored coaching and community-building opportunities to help every athlete become the best version of themselves.

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