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SBR Interview: Natasha Van Der Merwe

I was introduced to triathlon much later than i would have liked, at 27 years old. Since then i have not looked back and am now going on my 11th season of racing and 10th season as a professional triathlete. I love triathlon because training for 3 sports keeps things interesting as well as incredibly challenging. This continues to draw me to the sport, knowing there is always something to improve upon and i can always continue to get better. 

FAVORITE PRODUCT TriSwim Testimonial - I cannot believe i have gone this long without this product. I have always suffered from itchy skin post chlorine swims, and TriSwim Body wash completely takes that feeling away as it removes the Chlorine. I am in love with the Shampoo, Conditioner and Body lotion as well and my hair and skin has never felt better since i have started using TriSwim Products.

How many children do you have? 1

How many bikes do you own? 3

How many years have you been competing? 11

How many yards do you swim per week? 20-30k

Proudest moment: Giving Birth to my daughter, Nadine and then watching her take her first steps couldn't have made me any prouder.

Favorite Food: A Large Rib Eye Steak with Sweet potato Fries on the side.

What did your mom and dad teach you? My mom taught me dedication to whatever path i was going to choose and a work ethic that is necessary to thrive in life.  My dad taught me to love, in a big way, without any expectation of being loved back. 


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