At NVDM Coaching, our goal is to provide the highest level of coaching to every level of athlete.


We value and insist on two-way communication and adapt our training programs in response to athlete feedback on how the body feels and how the training is fitting into the regular demands of life. 


We want our guidance to encourage, challenge and foster love for sport, so we focus on recognizing progress, great and small, and experiencing joy as we strive for peak performance.

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"Natasha's experience as a pro allows her to relate to her athletes unlike anyone else I have ever worked with"

"Natasha's knowledge along with her ability to communicate with her athletes is unprecedented"

"Working with the NVDM Coaching team has been by far the best investment I have made for my Triathlon Career"

"Natasha and her Team are constantly learning and evolving their approach to working with athletes"



All training plans are uniquely created for each athlete and their goals. 

The NVDM Coaching team start by learning all that they can about the athlete and their current lifestyle so that they can make sure to create a life and training balance. The absolute key to the athlete's success is that the athlete can complete and be consistent in the training plan given to them. 

After that, they will work with the athlete in identifying goals and laying out a path to achieve those goals. All areas of fitness and form are tested and the limiting factors in achieving set goals are identified and addressed. ​

NVDM athletes will have all their training data monitored daily through "Training Peaks" and constructional feedback will be received, providing accountability, and an assurance that improvement is being made.

What is measured will be improved, and if improvement is not being made, the training approach is adjusted until the right formula is found for that specific athlete.  

If the athlete trains with the right volume, frequency, and intensity, while committing to communicate effectively with NVDM, the athlete is going to improve. The NVDM Coaching team will lay that all out for you with extreme specificity and communicate with you every step of the way.