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How to improve your Triathlon swim technique and speed

Triathlon is a popular endurance sport that challenges athletes to complete three different disciplines in one race: swimming, cycling, and running. While all three disciplines are important, the swim portion can be especially challenging for many triathletes. The swim requires a lot of technique and endurance, and can often be a source of anxiety for those who are not strong swimmers. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and techniques that can help you improve your triathlon swim technique and speed, so you can tackle the swim portion of your next triathlon with confidence.

Techniques to Improve Your Triathlon Swim Technique

Good technique is essential for efficient and fast swimming. Here are some tips for improving your swim technique:

  1. Body Position: Proper body position is important for minimizing drag and maximizing efficiency. Focus on keeping your body horizontal in the water with your head down, hips up, and legs straight.

  2. Breathing: Breathing technique is crucial for efficient swimming. Focus on taking quick, shallow breaths from the side of your mouth, without lifting your head too much.

  3. Arm Stroke: Proper arm stroke technique can help you move through the water more efficiently and reduce fatigue. Focus on keeping your elbow high as you pull through the water, and extending your arm fully before starting your next stroke.

  4. Kicking: Efficient kicking can help you conserve energy and increase propulsion. Focus on keeping your legs straight and close together, and using a gentle flutter kick.

Drills to Improve Your Triathlon Swim Technique

Swim drills are a great way to improve your technique and build muscle memory. Here are some swim drills that can help improve your triathlon swim technique:

  1. Body Position: Try swimming with a pull buoy between your legs to help you focus on keeping your hips up and legs straight.

  2. Breathing: Try swimming with a snorkel to help you focus on your breathing technique without having to worry about turning your head to breathe.

  3. Arm Stroke: Try swimming with a paddle to help you focus on your arm stroke technique and build upper body strength.

  4. Kicking: Try swimming with a kickboard to help you focus on your kicking technique and build

lower body strength.

Building Swim Endurance for Triathlon Training

Swim endurance is important for completing the swim portion of a triathlon. Here are some techniques for building swim endurance:

  1. Interval Training: Interval training involves swimming short distances at a fast pace, followed by a period of rest. This type of training can help you build endurance and speed.

  2. Distance Swimming: Swimming longer distances at a slower pace can also help build endurance. Try gradually increasing the distance you swim each week to build endurance over time.

  3. Dry-Land Exercises: Exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, and planks can help build upper body strength, which can help improve swim endurance.

Improving Your Triathlon Swim Speed

Swim speed is important for completing the swim portion of a triathlon as quickly as possible. Here are some techniques for improving swim speed:

  1. Building Strength and Power: Exercises like medicine ball throws, jump squats, and plyometric push-ups can help build explosive power, which can translate to faster swimming.

  2. Improving Technique: Improving your technique can help you swim more efficiently and reduce drag, which can lead to faster swim times.

  3. Using Equipment: Equipment like swim fins, paddles, and pull buoys can help you swim faster by providing extra propulsion and resistance.

  4. Interval Training: As mentioned earlier, interval training can help improve swim speed by building endurance and speed.

Tips for a Successful Triathlon Swim

Here are some additional tips for a successful triathlon swim:

  1. Pre-Race Preparation: Make sure you warm up properly before the race, and consider doing a few practice swims in the days leading up to the race to get comfortable in the water.

  2. Execution During the Swim: Pace yourself during the swim portion, and try to find a rhythm that you can maintain for the entire distance. Focus on your technique and breathing, and don't be afraid to take breaks if needed.

  3. Mental Preparation: Mental preparation can be just as important as physical preparation. Visualize yourself completing the swim portion successfully, and try to stay positive and confident throughout the race.


Improving your triathlon swim technique and speed takes time and effort, but with the right approach, it is definitely achievable. By focusing on proper technique, building endurance and speed through training, and staying mentally prepared, you can tackle the swim portion of your next triathlon with confidence. Remember to start slow and gradually build up your skills and endurance, and don't be afraid to seek out the advice of a coach or experienced swimmer if needed. With patience and pers

everance, you can become a stronger and more efficient triathlon swimmer.


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